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Range of Product Available

Whether your requirement is big or small, Miami Landscaping Service at Gold Coast caters to every need of all sizes. Our range of products includes a comprehensive collection of all types of landscaping and gardening products and tools. Get your order delivered home or pick it up in a bag or trailer from our store today.

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  • Blue Cracker Dust

    cracker dust gold coast
    Cracker Dust Gold Coast, Suitable for under pavers, compacting areas. Want to Know More About Cracker Dust in Gold Coast? Miami Landscaping supplies offers you the supply of cracker dust in Gold Coast which is generally used as a base for mock lawns, in screeds also can be used in paths and driveways. It is […]
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  • Brickies Loam

    Bricked Loam Suppliers Gold Coast. Mix with cement to lay bricks and blocks. Also under relocatable swimming pools. Are you Looking for the Best Bricked Loam Suppliers in Gold Coast? Brickies loam is a mixture of very fine washed sand and extra loamy (clay) sand which is made exactly for bricklaying. This artifact is used […]
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  • Buffalo Grass

    buffalo grass.
    Turf pick or arrange delivery with our truck at a great price
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  • Buffalo Grass

    Versatile all round turf solution Good for shady areas  
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  • Bush Mulch

    Made from hardwood trees a medium grade mulch great for all areas. $25.00/mtr3 for 5 mtr/3 minimum load
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  • Charcoal Pebbles

    20-40mm Blackest Pebbles available (in bulk). Comes up like polished black pebbles when sealed.
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  • Cheap Soil

    Cheap Soil and Fill sand available for filling vacant areas / levelling areas etc
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  • Concrete Blend

    Cheap soil
    Mixed with cement to make concrete
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  • Concrete Supplier

    20kg Rapid Set Concrete
    30kg Pre mix concrete
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  • Crushed White

    20mm crushed white Gravel Supplies Gold Coast
    Gravel Supplies Gold Coast 20mm. A white gravel that has been crushed. Hard to walk on. Cheaper alternative to earl white. Gazing for Gravel Supplies in Gold Coast At Miami Landscaping Supplies, you’ll find a great choice of attractive garden gravels. If it’s not quite what you’re looking for they will do their best to […]
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  • Cypress Finess

    Cypress Fine Mulch
    A fine mulch with Cypress Chip added in to increase water flow. Has a natural white ant deterrent
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  • Emeral Red

    20mm emerald red
    20mm A very rounded mix of red and white pebble.
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  • Fill Sand

    Fill Sand - Miami Landscaping
    Suitable for under concrete slabs, behind retaining walls and filling areas
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  • Hailstone

    14mm Mix of 7/14mm. Blue mostly white
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  • Hoop Pine Fines

    Fine Hoop Pine Mulch
    Fine Mulch suitable for any gardens. Will compost into garden, looks like soil when layed
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  • Hoop Pine Fines #1

    1 Inch Hoop Pine Mulch
    Bigger Version of above. Great for steep banks and native gardens
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  • Lucky Stones

    50mm lucky stones
    50mm From Kempsey foothills. Nice flat stone. Grey, red and white. Ideal for Indonesian Gardens
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  • Mortar mix

    20kg Mortar
    20kg Ideal for brickies mortar and tile grout
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  • Multi Colour Gravel

    20mm multi colour gravel
    20mm Mix of Pink/Brown crushed gravel
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  • Mushroom Compost

    100% Mushroom Compost available+$65 / mtr 3 Great soil and mulch for gardens
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  • Native Fines

    $50 / mtr/3 Free local delivery on 5mtr + loads Native Fines
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  • Organic Soil

    organic soil delivery gold coast
    Organic Soil delivery Gold Coast, Composted Soil. Chook manure Compost. Ash, Saw Dust and horse manure Fastest & Superior Quality Organic Soil delivery in Gold Coast Organic soil is a part of soil, involving plant and animal scums at various stages of decomposition, cells and tissues of soil bacteria, and materials manufactured by soil organisms.Miami […]
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  • Organic Under Turf

    organic under turf
    A soil designed especially for under turf and top dressing
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  • Pavers

    Pavers We have an extensive range of pavers at competitive prices – come in and view our selection
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  • Pearl White

    pearl white
    20-40mm Beautiful White Pebble used in feature areas
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  • Pine Bark #1

    1 Inch Pine Bark Mulch
    Great for cottage gardens and feature gardens
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  • Plasterers Sand

    plaster sand
    Mix with cement to render walls, grout tiles etc
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  • Polished pebbles

    20kg polished decor
    20kg Imported decorative and polished. Ideal for water features and pots, and indoor areas.
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  • Rapid Set Concrete

    20kg Like concrete mix but sets quicker and faster
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  • Recycled Aggregate

    10 mm Recycled Aggregate Good for packing in retaining walls Drainage Comes in 20 mm and 40 mm $57 / mtr 3
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  • Redwood Mulch

    Red Mulch
    Also come in black and brown $80 mtr 3 Great for keeping weeds down Keeps soil warm
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  • River Pebble 20mm

    20mm river pebble
    20mm Basic River Pebble. Mix of Brown, red and grey
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  • River Pebble 40mm

    40mm river pebble
    40mm Same as above – next size up
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  • River Sand

    cracker dust gold coast
    Used in conjunction with Road Base. Lay river sand 30/50mm thick over top of road base, to settle new pavers
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  • River White

    20mm river white
    20mm From Emerald QLD. White River Stone cheaper than pearl white
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  • Road Base

    road base Gold Coast
    Road Base Gold Coast, under pavers. The Best Material of Road Base in Gold coast Available The base course or basecourse in roadways is a layer of material in atarmac roadway, race track, riding arena, or sporting field that is located directly under the surface layer.Miami Landscaping supplies road base in Gold Coast with superior […]
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  • Sandstone Gold

    cracker dust gold coast
    20mm Crushed Gold Sandstone
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  • Sandstone Terracotta

    20mm Crushed Sandstone – red in colour
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  • Sandstone White

    20mm sandstone white
    20mm Crushed white sandstone
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  • Tea Tree Fines

    Fine Tea Tree Mulch
    Most Popular mulch – delivered from the tea tree plantations
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  • Top Soil

    top soil fill sand supplies gold coast
    Top Soil fill sand supplies Gold Coast, Soil and Sand mix suitable for under turf. A blend of sand and soil – suitable for under turf, filling behind retaining walls. Passes through an 18ml screen. Tremendous Quality of top soil fill sand supplies in Gold Coast Do you want a dependable supplier of top soil, […]
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  • Tub Grind Mulch

    Tub Grind Mulch $35 / mtr 3 Great wholesale / commercial option. Good for large areas
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  • White Cracker Dust

    Cracker dust
    Same as above but white in colour
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  • White Silica Sand
    Ideal for very white mortar joints in brickwork and white grout. Ideal for kids sandpits
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